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ESIA is working on a vast number of subjects, from automotive electronics, to cybersecurity issues, from international trade to intellectual property rights, environmental, safety & health issues and many more.
Apart from being an accredited expert stakeholder to a number of institutional EU committees, advisory bodies and agencies, ESIA is collaborating with other associations to leverage its impact. Beside the topical cooperation, ESIA is also member of a number of associations and coalitions that join forces to create the right framework conditions for industry in Europe and beyond:

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The European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO) represents an industry-led contractual counterpart to the European Commission for the implementation of the Cyber Security contractual Public-Private Partnership (cPPP). Its main objective is to support all types of initiatives or projects that aim to develop, promote, encourage European cybersecurity.

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IP2Innovate is a new and rapidly growing industry coalition of small and large companies that create innovative products and services in Europe and collectively hold thousands of European patents, as well as European industry groups that represent over 35 companies. IP2Innovate is pressing for a more robust, balanced and flexible legal system to protect Europe’s innovators and enable Europe’s innovation potential to flourish.

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The Trade Secrets & Innovation Coalition (TSIC) regroups businesses from a wide range of industries united in an effort to highlight the importance of trade secrets for industrial innovation and growth, and the ever-increasing damage that their theft is imposing on European industry.