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05/12/2018: ESIA welcomes Soitec and FBK among its members
12/10/2018: European Business Calls for Swift Ratification of the EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement
06/06/2018: WSC supports today's World Anti-Counterfeiting Day 2018
25/05/2018: Joint Statement of the 22nd Meeting of the World Semiconductor Council (WSC) on May 24, 2018, in San Diego, California, USA



06/12/2017: Automotive expert Jens Knut Fabrowsky new ESIA President
28/10/2017: For an Ambitious EU Industrial Strategy: Going Further | #Industry4Europe
11/07/2017: ESIA signs Joint Declaration for an ambitious EU industrial strategy | Final update, 130 signatories
03/07/2017: Over one million counterfeit semiconductors seized – ESIA supported customs operation with expertise
29/06/2017: WTO publication: "20 Years of the Information Technology Agreement. Boosting trade, innovation and digital connectivity"
28/06/2017: Presentation to the WTO at Symposium on the Symposium on the 20th Anniversary of the Information Technology Agreement
26/06/2017: ESIA supports the MAKE POWER CLEAN initiative
07/06/2017: WSC supports World Anti-Counterfeiting Day
29/05/2017: ESIA signs Joint Declaration for an ambitious EU industrial strategy [updated list of signatories]
19/05/2017: Joint Statement of the 21st Meeting of the World Semiconductor Council (WSC) on May 18, 2017, in Kyoto, Japan
27/01/2017: ESIA input to stakeholder consultation on the REACH REFIT evaluation



07/12/2016: Speech by ESIA President Klaus Meder during the Annual Reception & Gala Dinner 2016
07/12/2016: ESIA elects new President: Klaus Meder, President of Robert Bosch Automotive Electronics
08/06/2016: WSC supports World Anti-Counterfeiting Day
26/05/2016: The World Semiconductor Council at 20 Years: Empowering Economic Growth and Social Progress through Advancements in Semiconductor Technologies
26/05/2016: Joint Statement of the 20th Meeting of the World Semiconductor Council (WSC)
28/04/2016: The Semiconductor Industry in Europe: A Key Enabler for Trusted IoT Solutions



17/12/2015: ESIA welcomes the new expanded ITA
30/10/2015: Global Industry Doubles Down on Call for Restrained “Staging” for ITA
25/09/2015: Global Industry calls on ITA negotiators to show restraint on "staging"
11/08/2015: UPC Coalition Position Paper regarding the Public Consultation on the rules on the UPC fees and recoverable costs
28/07/2015: ESIA welcomes the successful outcome on ITA expansion
30/06/2015: ESIA Submission to ECHA Consultation on Restriction proposal for PFOA, its salts and related substances
26/06/2015: Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) Final Report June 2015
04/06/2015: World Semiconductor Council supports World Anti-counterfeiting Day
29/05/2015: Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) Observatory
26/05/2015: 19th WSC Joint Statement May 2015 Hangzhou
16/03/2015: ESIA position on the EPO proposals for the maintenance fees of the Unitary Patent
04/03/2015: ESIA is a signatory of the Unified Patent Court (UPC) Industry Coalition
23/02/2015: ESIA Position on WHO recommendation to add Gamma-butyrolactone (GBL) and 1,4-butanediol (BDO) to Schedule I of the 1971 Convention on Pyschotropic Substances
20/02/2015: Semiconductor Technologies for Smart Cities
16/02/2015: A decade of unprecedented growth: China's impact on the semiconductor industry 2014 update
29/01/2015: ESIA succeeds in new WCO classification of advanced semiconductors (MCOs)



15/12/2014: ESIA Regrets Failure to Conclude Expanded Information Technology Agreement
04/12/2014: Reinhard Ploss, CEO Infineon, Elected as President of ESIA
18/11/2014: ESIA Releases New Brochure - Semiconductors at the Heart of Energy Efficiency
12/11/2014: ESIA Welcomes the Breakthrough on Information Technology Agreement (ITA)
29/09/2014: ESIA joins the ITA Global Industry Statement
22/09/2014: Enabling the Hyperconnected Age - The Role of Semiconductors
07/07/2014: ESIA statement on bifurcation and injunctions in the RoP of the UPC
22/05/2014: Joint Statement of the 18th Meeting of the World Semiconductor Council (WSC)
13/05/2014: 2014 ITA Global Industry Statement
30/04/2014: ESIA Position on the EU-Japan FTA Negotiations
25/02/2014: Unified Patent Court (UPC) Industry Coalition - Open Letter
19/02/2014: ESIA Comments on the Impact of Unified Patent Court on NPE litigation in Europe



18/12/2013: Electronics Leaders Group Roadmap
06/12/2013: ESIA and European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) Exchange Cooperation Letters
28/11/2013: EU Industry Joint Letter on ITA Expansion
12/11/2013: EU-Japan Summit - Joint Statement by 20 Business Organisations
23/07/2013: Letter to Vice Premier of RP China
23/07/2013: Global Industry Calls for Swift and Ambitious Expansion of ITA
18/06/2013: ESIA Position on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)
29/05/2013: European Commission adopts new European Industrial Strategy for Electronics
29/05/2013: ESIA Press Release on European Commission's new European Industrial Strategy for Electronics
23/05/2013: Joint Statement of the 17th Meeting of the WSC
23/05/2013: Letter to WTO Permanent Missions of ITA Members
25/03/2013: ESIA Response to DG Competition's Draft Guidelines on Regional State Aid 2014-2020
08/02/2013: ESIA Position on the Union Customs Code: Non-Preferential Rules of Origin
28/01/2013: ESIA Position on Non Practicing Entities



02/07/2012: ESIA Welcomes the Commission Communication for Strengthening Key Enabling Technologies (KETs)
05/03/2012: Europe's Semiconductor Industry Continues to Rank as the N°1 Industrial Sector for R&D Investment Intensity



30/07/2011: Commission electronics fiche
30/06/2011: Final report High Level Group on Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) & semiconductor industry (ESIA) reaction
30/06/2011: HLG final report
30/05/2011: Joint statement of the World Semiconductor Council, May 2011
21/04/2011: ESIA R&D&I Green Paper submission
01/02/2011: European semiconductor industry declared Europe’s most R&D intensive industry sector



14/10/2010: European Commission press release: Enabling our future: experts to advise Commission on upcoming technologies
17/06/2010: Europe's microchip industry looks ahead again - and calls on EU decision-makers ro seize the economic and political momentum
17/06/2010: PowerPoint presentation for full background
03/02/2010: Semiconductor confirmed as 2nd most R&D intensiveindustry in Europe



30/09/2009: “Industry is ready to play its role”: Industry welcomes EU's Communication on Key Enabling Technologies
24/09/2009: Global customs experts meet to curb semiconductor counterfeiting
08/04/2009: Enabling a more sustainable and energy efficient Europe
27/03/2009: IMEC tour with EU officials
05/02/2009: Enabling sustainable living in 21st century Europe



10/11/2008: Launch of ESIA’s Competitiveness Report
10/06/2008: 2008 WSC Joint Statement



24/05/2007: Joint Statement of Support for the World Trade Organization



27/11/2006: Good for ICT and good for semiconductors
04/07/2006: Semiconductor world looks forward to China's first participation in world forum
28/03/2006: EECA-ESIA press release on MCP ICs Agreement



22/11/2005: Europe’s semiconductor industry is at a crossroad