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To represent and promote the common interests of the Passive Components Manufacturers active in Europe to ensure an open and transparent market for Passive Components in Europe as part of the global market place.

Passive Components are an independent and thriving industry

Passive Components Manufacturers play a key role in the development of the electronics industry and more globally in the development of the e-society in Europe and the rest of the world. Every new function, every new semiconductor, generates new requirements in volume and performance for passive components. Supported by several large companies and a great number of SMEs (small and medium sized enterprises), the passive component industry has accumulated a considerable competence and know-how over the years. For example it has been capable of producing the sophisticated parts required for the European world-leading mobile phone and automotive industries. Electronic systems and equipment, as well as electronic components, are undergoing crucial changes. Increasing performance and miniaturisation are becoming standard requirements, as are decreasing prices. European industry has been able to face up to these challenges successfully.


  • Monitor all developments in legislation and environmental regulations and take the necessary initiatives to standardize the requirements and to limit/avoid damage or unnecessary cost increases for the Passive Components Industry due to legislation and regulations
  • Frame and publish data related to Passive Components to strengthen visibility and image of this industry
  • Provide members and Institutions with general market data for the Passive Components Industry in Europe as well as “Management overviews” on economies, markets, production values and labour forces in Europe
  • Facilitate the exchange of data with neighbouring component sectors like Semiconductors, Electro-mechanics, Printed circuit boards, etc.
  • Organise Meetings and Forums on important issues of the Passive Components Industry
  • Facilitate worldwide networking between Passives Component Manufacturers at expert / management level
  • Monitor all developments in Trade agreements and support the interest of represented Industry (Through the National Associations with local Governments, as well as directly with the European Commission in Brussels)
  • Relate with similar Industry Associations in other Regions around the world
  • Create links with the Equipment Manufacturers Associations

General conditions for the supply of electronic passive components

Anti Trust Policy

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