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Industry assessments have produced conservative estimates that the amount of counterfeit products being produced and sold into the semiconductor market is at least 1% of overall global market. This can create significant implications for national critical infrastructure and the safety, security and health of communities and the end consumers. Beyond this, the damage is also an economic one for semiconductor rights owners and distribution chains with effects on the wider economy.

ESIA has recently helped organise various workshops and trainings for customs officials in key European entry hubs and customs experts from China, the EU, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and the US.

ESIA is working on the anti-counterfeiting topic in a number of ways:

  • Creating more awareness and providing improving materials and training for government customs agencies to enhance their ability to identify trademarks infringing semiconductors
  • Companies to file trademarks in the various countries so customs agencies can take action when infringements are found
  • Better communications about the effects of counterfeit products with more extensive examples of the potential health and safety impacts as well as threats to critical infrastructure
  • Improving relations with the new EU bodies and EU observatory on Counterfeiting and Piracy and other relevant international stakeholders
  • A clear operational focus to prevent counterfeit products from reaching the market and improve the collective responses from national authorities and the industry

Without further effective and global countermeasures we are fuelling a black market in which a lack of awareness, the need to cover supply and the search for a quick bargain are being exploited through criminal activity, illegal and unaccountable trading practices and difficult IPR enforcement measures. ESIA's Anti-Counterfeiting Task Force will continue to place a strong emphasis on these activities in the future.


Martin Robl - Infineon Technologies


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