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The semiconductor industry is one of the most innovative industrial sectors in Europe. Semiconductors provide the key enabling technology for thousands of products we use every day, such as PCs, mobile phones, medical devices, automobiles and play a key role in a wide assortment of innovative technologies and industries. The rapid growth in the capacity, increased functionality and speed of semiconductors has enabled tremendous innovations and improvements across all sectors of the economy.

Semiconductor innovations enable sustainable, smart and inclusive growth in Europe and will continue to make an essential contribution to the development of products in order to face major societal challenges such as increased energy efficiency, ageing society and mobility.The lack of global level playing field vis-à-vis other dominant regions of semiconductor production and the EU framework conditions in relation to investment and funding incentives play an important role in Europe's attractiveness for the semiconductor industry. Key aspect is to ensure that the 'valley of death' i.e.; the gap between the new ideas created by basic research and their subsequent commercialisation and deployment in the marketplace is overcome.

Above issues are followed-up in the Competitivenes & Innovation Committee.


Thierry Tingaud - ST Microelectronics

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