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About EECA

EECA and its members continue to work to improve the general framework conditions in Europe in support of competitiveness, innovation and growth both in Europe and worldwide. From this perspective, it currently sees a medium-term risk that Europe as an economy and region decouples itself from strategic growth and technology developments. At the same time, as they become more and more affordable, electronic components will continue their role as key strategic enablers, multipliers and contributors to economic growth and progress elsewhere in the world. This is where industry and governments need to work together more closely in Europe to ensure the industry in Europe can compete on equal terms with other regions.

The industry associations of EECA are playing an active role in supporting the respective segments as they face their own particular - and common challenges and cycles. The overriding common interest is to ensure that the electronic component industry can stay and grow further in Europe.

EECA Board

President: Frédérique Le Grevès, STMicroelectronics 

Vice-President & EPCIA Representative: Christophe Pottier, Murata

ESIA Representative: Aude Jalabert, Infineon Technologies