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  • Monitor all developments in legislation and environmental regulations and take the necessary initiatives to standardise the requirements
  • Frame and publish data related to passive components to strengthen visibility and image of this industry
  • Provide members and Institutions with general market data for the passive components industry in Europe as well as “management overviews” on economies, markets, production values and labour forces in Europe
  • Facilitate the exchange of data with neighbouring component sectors like semiconductors, electro-mechanics, printed circuit boards, etc.
  • Organise meetings and forums on important issues of the passive components industry, strictly following the EPCIA Antitrust Policy
  • Facilitate worldwide networking between passive component manufacturers at expert / management level
  • Monitor all developments in trade agreements and support the interest of represented industry (through the national associations with local governments, as well as directly with the European Commission in Brussels)
  • Relate with similar industry associations in other regions around the world
  • EPCIA organises guest speeches about interesting topics concerning passive components in the fields of energy, mobility and industry