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About ESIA

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The European Semiconductor Industry Association (ESIA) is the voice of the Semiconductor Industry in Europe. Its mission is to represent and promote the common interests of the Europe-based semiconductor industry towards the European Institutions and stakeholders in order to ensure a sustainable business environment and foster its global competitiveness.

Semiconductors underpin a significant part of the European and worldwide economy. Their role will continue to grow as future products and services will become more digital and interlinked. The semiconductor industry provides the key enabling technology solutions for society in the fields of energy efficiency, mobility, health care, security and across the ICT sector including the realization of the smart grid and more efficient lighting. Semiconductors are also the building blocks for better security, for the safety and efficiency of the whole transport systems and for environmental monitoring. No societal challenge can be successfully met without them.

The industry has been ranked as the most R&D intensive sector by the European Commission and supports around 200,000 jobs directly and more than 1,000,000 indirect jobs in Europe. The global market size of the semiconductor sector alone was around $574 billion in 2022. The impact of micro- and nano-electronics on the whole economy is estimated at 10% of the worldwide GDP.

Antitrust policy

Download ESIA's statement of antitrust policy