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The European semiconductor industry takes a leading and proactive approach to Environment Safety and Health (ESH) responsibilities. The European industry has an excellent ESH performance record and has repeatedly set and met voluntary emission reduction targets. It maintains a safe and healthy work environment for its employees and promotes safe and health conscious working practices. European manufacturing sites have audited environmental management systems in place such as ISO 14001. The industry promotes international cooperation regarding chemical management, utilizing scientific evidence and health assessment as the basis for effective workplace protection.

The ESH Committee coordinates the activities of the association in these areas. The Committee, together with specific working groups, are active directly on technical cooperative projects and regulatory issues of value to members. ESIA has working groups dealing with Chemical Management and Reach preparation, Energy savings, PFC, Health & Safety, Environmental resource efficiency and EU legislation.

ESIA is also proud to play a role as a member of the ESH Committee to the World Semiconductor Council. Through this unique forum, the global semiconductor industry is working together on collaborative approaches to resource conservation and many ESH issues. The semiconductor industry's PFC global reduction goal programme and the PFOS agreement are worthy achievements of this body.

In addition, ESIA participates in the WSC's annual International Semiconductor ESH conference (ISESH), a global forum that facilitates sharing of innovative ideas on new ESH technology practices and best practice exchange amongst ESH professionals.


Pascal Roquet - STMicroelectronics

December 2018: Joint Industry Statement on Methodology to Ban Substances under the RoHS Directive

December 2018: ESIA Response to Öko-Institut Consultation on Methodology to Ban Substances under the RoHS Directive (Pack 15)

June 2018: ESIA & MMTA Joint Industry Response on Indium Phosphide: RoHS Pack 15 Study to Support the Review of the List of Restricted Substances

June 2018: ESIA & BeST Views on Beryllium - RoHS Pack 15 Study to Support the Review of the List of Restricted Substances

March 2018: RoHS Exemptions - Joint Industry Statement: Call for a Realistic Timetable for Transitioning to New Lighting Technologies

February 2018: Semiconductor Industry Statement to the U.N. Stockholm Convention POP-Review Committee on the Phase-Out of PFOS

November 2017: Joint Association Position on UAE Regulation to Control Hazardous Materials in Electrical & Electronic Devices

January 2017: ESIA Views on the European Commission Chemical Regulation Evaluation (‘REACH REFIT’)

July 2016: ESIA & Cross Association Umbrella Project: Initial Feedback on RoHS Pack 9 Exemptions Assessment Report

June 2015: ESIA Submission to ECHA Consultation on Restriction proposal for PFOA, its salts and related substances

February 2015: ESIA position on WHO recommendation to add Gamma-butyrolactone (GBL) and 1,4-butanediol (BDO) to Schedule I of the 1971 Convention on Psychotropic Substances

Brochure 2014: Semiconductors at the heart of Energy Efficiency

April 2013: ESIA position paper on HFCs

Brochure 2009: Enabling sustainable living in 21st century in Europe

Presentation: The Semiconductor Industry Contribution to Saving Energy and Protecting the Global Environment


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