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ESIA is a licensee of WSTS (World Semiconductor Trade Statistics) data for Europe, Middle East and Africa.

The WSTS programme is the semiconductor world’s première source of industry-wide statistics. ESIA, the European Semiconductor Industry Association, has an exclusive license agreement with the WSTS. ESIA offers a choice of yearly subscriptions to the banking community, specialised business publications and the wider industry.

WSTS reports outline worldwide and regional shipments and sales for virtually all semiconductor products including many product segments that are not available anywhere else with such frequency.

WSTS market statistics are the sole source of semiconductor industry-wide unit sales & revenues data gathered directly from industry members, providing the most accurate and timely view of the market. If you cover the semiconductor industry, you need to make this resource part of your toolkit. All products are in electronic format, and subscriptions are available on an annual basis, starting in January.